Our Mission

It is our goal to introduce the Roanoke area to our style of baking.  There

is a simple joy in eating a loaf of bread made fresh daily and not loaded down with preservatives to make it last for weeks as it travels from

one part of the country to another.  Our bread is fresh and local. 

The hard crust provides satisfaction of eating something substantial. 

And the soft yet firm crumb contrasts the mouth-feel of the crust. 

The flavors invade your taste buds as the aroma adds to the experience.  

Our bread is available at the following retail locations:


Harvest Moon

Vintage Cellar

Roanoke Natural Foods Co-Op

Annie Kays

Ikenberry Orchards

Mr. Bill’s Wine Cellar

Barrel Cave Wine


106 S. Jefferson St. Roanoke, VA


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Monday- Saturday


Sunday 9am-2pm